Public Health

The U.S. food supply has earned a global reputation for its safety, and pig farmers have contributed to that standard. As farmers, we rigorously test technologies, and apply checks and balances to maintain both quality and safety every step of the way.

We are committed to:

  • Making use of practices consistent with producing safe food.
  • Carefully managing the use of animal health products.
  • Managing manure and air quality.

How We Protect Public Health

Protecting the public doesn’t stop at food safety. We have methods and protocols in place to manage disease, manure and air quality at every farm, which allows us to provide a healthful and nutritious protein to consumers.

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Meet Dr. Carissa Odland

Dr. Carissa Odland is an advocate for antibiotic stewardship, leading several studies of how antibiotic use impacts pig health and human health, too.