2021 Pork Industry Sustainability Report

Sustainability and continuous improvement are at the core of our commitment to deliver the safest, highest quality pork supply in the world.

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Protecting Animal and Human Health Starts in the Barn

Protecting animal and human health starts in the barn. America’s pig farmers are committed to bringing safe and nutritious pork to your plate. They monitor, track and protect environmental and animal welfare every single day. Pig farmers know that producing safe and healthy animals starts with them and you can trust farmers will do what’s best for their family and yours.

98% U.S. pig farms family-owned

Leading The Way

America’s pig farmers have embodied the We Care commitment for more than 30 years. We proactively pursue better technology and methods to improve the safety and quality of pork, while reducing environmental impact.

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75.9% less land used

Principles x Practices x Proof = Public Trust

The We Care commitment is at the center of our culture, but we realize words alone aren’t enough. That’s why we measure our performance and continually raise the bar for improvement.

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