Food Safety

Providing safe, nutritious food is our most important responsibility. It’s a complex undertaking that involves everyone from caregivers and veterinarians to those who transport pigs to market. Today’s pig farms use a variety of technologies and techniques to ensure pork is safe to eat.

We are committed to:

  • Using management practices that are consistent with food safety.
  • Managing the health of herds.
  • Using technologies that minimize food safety threats.

How We Ensure Food Safety

Producing safe food requires education and training for anyone who comes in contact with pigs. We have a dedicated set of practices in place to guarantee pigs are handled properly.

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Meet Joe Dykhuis

Biosecurity practices have evolved since Joe Dykhuis grew up on a pig farm 30 years ago, and today, food safety is a daily focus on his farm.

pork tenderloin cut into slices on a serving tray