Our livelihoods are directly tied to the land, water and air, so we know better than anyone the importance of protecting the planet’s natural resources.

We are committed to:

  • Managing manure as a valuable resource and using it in a manner that protects air and water quality, while enhancing soil health.
  • Using buffer strips and tree windbreaks to improve air, soil and water quality and preserve wildlife habitats. Today’s barns also decrease environmental impacts while improving pig performance.
  • Protecting the quality of our natural resources.

How We Protect the Environment

To keep our farms’ environmental impact in check, we monitor everything from the soil and manure to water quality and emissions.

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Meet James Lamb

James Lamb is passionate about caring for the environment because he knows pig farmers depend on the air, water and land to keep their pigs healthy and their food safe.

A green pasture and a waterway leading to the farm