The pork industry is on a mission to be the most sustainable meat.

For America’s pig farmers, sustainability means doing what’s right for humans, animals and the environment. They do it by following their long-standing We Care® Ethical Principles and committing to continuous improvement in every area of pork production.

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Our Commitments

Animal Well-being

We are committed to the highest level  of care and well-being for the pigs we raise.


We are committed to end-to-end certification that is fully transparent and uses the following programs to demonstrate compliance:

  • PQA Plus worker certifications.
  • TQA worker certifications.
  • PQA Plus Site Assessments.
  • Common Swine Industry Audit.


Our People

We are committed to providing  meaningful, dignified work for the people who choose to dedicate their careers to raising the food we eat.


We are committed to ensuring all our caregivers have knowledge and skills to thrive and provide quality care while being safe in their jobs. We will:

  • Provide access to professional growth and appropriate training opportunities to all our caregivers by equipping them to demonstrate leadership at each stage of their career.
  • Support multi-factored diversity within our farms and the communities in which we raise pigs.



We are committed to safeguarding and nurturing natural resources for now and future generations.


We are committed to protecting our planet’s natural resources – water, soil and air – and realize the impact of GHGs on the environment. We will:

  • Continuously improve water-use efficiency through advanced agriculture practices, aggressive implementation of on-farm water-use targets and best management practices.
  • Use agriculture practices that improve soil, land, and biodiversity, while restoring and protecting natural habitats to further decrease our footprint from a 2015 baseline.
  • Contribute to improving the quality of surrounding water bodies through agriculture practices, including reducing nutrient run-off, implementing nutrient management plans, managing manure and protecting riparian areas located on farms.
  • By 2030, reduce GHG emissions by 40% from a 2015 baseline.


Public Health

We are committed to producing the highest quality food possible while increasing the enjoyment of pork and the well-being of people around the world.

  • We are committed to supporting public health and the well-being of the pigs under our care using best practices.


Food Safety

We are committed to producing the safest food in the world.

  • By 2030, 100% of fresh pork products can be traced through the supply chain using technology that allows the public to easily access information on how pork was raised and produced.


Our Communities

We are committed to growing and supporting strong communities for today and tomorrow.


We are committed to driving sustainable, equitable development and prosperity in our communities by generating desirable jobs, growing rural economies, and helping meet community needs. We will:

  • Support the rural leaders of tomorrow by awarding annual scholarships.
  • Help feed the hungry in our communities by expanding our national giving campaign by 100% by 2030, from a 2019 baseline.
  • Double volunteerism in our communities by 2030, from a 2019 baseline.


Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.