Providing Pigs the Best Care Possible

Karla Dorale of Charter Oak, Iowa takes pride in nurturing her pigs.

Producer Nurtures Pigs Ensuring They Are Safe And Healthy

Karla Dorale never imagined she would have a career on an Iowa farm, but then she married a pig farmer. To her surprise, she discovered that she loves taking care of pigs.

“I care so deeply about the well-being of my animals,” Karla said.

She said she is surprised and hurt when she hears accusations of pigs being mistreated because she knows she would never mistreat her animals. That’s why she’s openly talking about the actions she takes to provide her pigs the best care possible, such as:

  • Constantly checking her pigs’ climate, food, water and air quality
  • Tirelessly working to develop even better practices for the future

“I give my pigs my best effort because they need it, and they will always get it,” she said. “This is my farm, and this is my We Care commitment.”