America’s Pig Farmers

Today’s pig farms combine the best traditional farming practices with the benefits of modern technology. Over the last several decades, advancements in farming methods, technology and economics have significantly transformed farming and the way we raise pigs. Throughout this change there has been a constant: Our mission to produce safe, nutritious food in a responsible and sustainable manner.

98% of America’s pig farms are family owned

Farming is our way of life – 98% of America’s pig farms are family owned. The future of our farms, large and small, is tied to the land and to the health of animals in our care. Our future depends on using good farming practices to raise healthy pigs that produce safe, high-quality food.

As providers in the food supply chain, it is our responsibility to uphold high standards. That’s why we strive to be as open and transparent as possible about how we raise pigs and operate our farms.

We are proud that the U.S. pork supply is safer and more nutritious than at any time in history.

Our Farms

America’s pig farmers are diverse in their types and size, but we are all committed to continuous improvement and doing what’s right. Learn more about the types of U.S. pig farms, where U.S. pig farms are located and how our farmers embrace We Care.

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