Promoting Pork through Volunteer Work

I don’t feel it is a coincidence that while growing up, I learned the value and dedication of volunteering through a youth agricultural program. The 4-H program has enriched my life in such unfathomable ways. 4-H built my character and love of volunteering. It gave me a passion for helping others, and the skills of leadership. These characteristics set me up for success, and showed me that volunteer work is priceless. Volunteers build community and togetherness in towns and organizations.\

Now that I have grown up, as Pork Producers we feel both fortunate and honored that we have opportunities to promote pork through our volunteer work. Our family is the “designated” meat chefs of our church. You can bet that every time we have a church event, our smoker is sizzling meat through the early hours of the morning before the event. Each church event we cook for is free will donation, no matter the cost on our part. We also help grill pork burgers and pork chops each night throughout our county fair. We look forward to this time each year because we are not only promoting pork, but we get to spend that time visiting with old friends and reminiscing about long hours in the livestock barn. Our family volunteers our grill and our time to other community events like Relay for Life, and community days in our area.

Volunteer in the Pork Industry

Our passion is our community. It is where we thrive as people and help each other when in need. We as pig farmers believe that this world is not about us, we need each other and our communities in order to thrive. This is why we see so much value in volunteering, no matter how small the gesture might be.

Food and pork bring people together, but volunteers make it happen.