• Alicia Schmitt

    My name is Alicia Schmitt, I am an Iowa farm mom, agriculture advocate, new to the fitness world, chef of the Schmitt farm, and aspiring traveler. My husband and I live in north central Iowa where we raise pigs in conventional hog confinements. I grew up on a cattle farm, so raising pigs is a new adventure for me. I married into a family that has a farrow to finish hog operation, I am enjoying every moment of my new adventure!

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  • Claire Masker

    With a passion for spreading the knowledge about #RealPigFarming and a career at the National Pork Board, Claire loves empowering pig farmers to tell the REAL stories about REAL pig farms. Claire grew up on a family farm in Iowa.

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  • Dale Norton

    Dale Norton is a fourth-generation pig farmer from Michigan. When he’s not working on the farm or fulfilling his duties as National Pork Board president, Dale enjoys playing in a golf league and rooting for both the Spartans and Wolverines.

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  • Derrick Sleezer

    Derrick Sleezer is a pig farmer from Cherokee, Iowa. An avid golfer, he played for Drake Univeristy alongside the PGA’s Zach Johnson and has coached at the high school and college levels. In his rare free time, he enjoys riding his bike.

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  • Kristi Schaffer

    A love for pigs, farmers and the land led Kristi to begin her career in Human Resources at Wakefield Pork, Inc. She enjoys helping connect consumers with the farmers that raise their food. Kristi grew up on a family farm in Minnesota.

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  • Keith Schoettmer

    Keith Schoettmer, from Tipton, Indiana, is the 2015 America's Pig Farmer of the Year. He and his wife Darla founded their family farm, Schoettmer Prime Pork, in 1987. They’ve grown the farm steadily over the years with their community’s values in mind and now raise about 22,000 pigs annually with the help of several full-time employees.

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  • Lauren Schwab

    Lauren Schwab works on her family’s pig farm in Ohio. She is a farmer’s daughter with a degree in journalism, writing stories on farming & country music as a way of life. Be inspired by the hard work & dedication it takes to make dreams a reality & leave your mark in the world at

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  • #RealPigFarming Team

    The #RealPigFarming Team is responsible for maintaining the #RealPigFarming blog and social media properties. We’re not only here to moderate the discussion about how pig farming works, we’re here to give you an insight into our industry and what it’s really like to be a pig farmer.

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  • Wanda Patsche

    Wanda is a wife, mom and grandmother, living in Minnesota. In addition to raising kids and grandkids on their farm, she and her husband raise corn, soybeans and pigs using modern farm technology. Wanda loves sharing her family farm’s story.

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