5 Ways Subway Got it Wrong

When Subway recently announced — that soon all meat served in its restaurants would be sourced from farms that use no antibiotics at any time — some folks cheered. But, the thing is, all meat sold in the U.S. is [...] Read more

A Better Way: Brenneman Pork

What is Brenneman Pork Inc.’s key to sustainability? Constantly improving our farming practices every single day.

Many nine-year-olds choose pigs as a first 4-H project. Not many turn that project into a business that employs most of the family. But [...] Read more

Promoting Pork through Volunteer Work

I don’t feel it is a coincidence that while growing up, I learned the value and dedication of volunteering through a youth agricultural program. The 4-H program has enriched my life in such unfathomable ways. 4-H built my character and [...] Read more

Are Pig Farmers Environmental Stewards?

Environmental stewardship is probably not the word that comes to mind when you think about pig manure. I mean, let’s face it, poop has the ultimate “yuck” factor. Can pig farmers turn “yuck” into something good for the environment? I [...] Read more