Meet a Pig Farmer- Lauren Schwab

The #RealPigFarming unites pig farmers, academics, youth, veterinarians and allied industry members to talk about pig farming. There are many different ways to raise pigs and #RealPigFarming celebrates all farmers and how they choose to raise their pigs. The most [...] Read more

To Protect and Preserve

Keith enjoys canoeing in the river that is kept clean through environmental practices with his pig barns.


When you think of an environmentalist, what do you picture?

Does he look anything like me?

While I may not fit the picture in your head, [...] Read more

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Derrick Sleezer is a pig farmer who also raises row crops and always focuses on caring for the environment.

At our house and farm, reducing our environmental impact is an integral part of our entire farm.

Like many of my fellow real [...] Read more

The Changing Role Of Women Pig Farmers

Wanda (left) and Jan (right) have been blazing trails for women pig farmers.

As someone who has been raising pigs for a long time, Wanda Patsche has noticed a number of changes in the role of women in pig farming in [...] Read more

Animal Care is a 24/7 For Pig Farmers

Caring for animals brings me joy.

It’s hard work, sure, and the pay certainly doesn’t reflect the time and stress that goes into it. But watching our pigs grow and strive and excel is the kind of reward that’s worth a [...] Read more

5 Ways Subway Got it Wrong

When Subway recently announced — that soon all meat served in its restaurants would be sourced from farms that use no antibiotics at any time — some folks cheered. But, the thing is, all meat sold in the U.S. is [...] Read more