Good job training keeps people, pigs safe

We may only have six employees on our family’s pig farm, but we take worker safety very seriously. One injury is one too many, and we’ll do anything we can to prevent it.

Research tells us that most on-farm worker injuries [...] Read more

Meet A Pig Farmer – Channing Gooden

#RealPigFarming unites pig farmers, academics, youth, veterinarians and allied industry members to talk about pig farming. There are many different ways to raise pigs and #RealPigFarming celebrates all farmers and how they choose to raise their pigs. The most important [...] Read more

State Associations Give Back to Communities

State pork associations work hard to support their pig farmers, but also work to give back to their communities.  Missouri Pork Association (MPA) offers backing for farmers to produce pork, as well as make a difference in fighting hunger.  They [...] Read more