Meet a Pig Farmer- Lauren Schwab

The #RealPigFarming unites pig farmers, academics, youth, veterinarians and allied industry members to talk about pig farming. There are many different ways to raise pigs and #RealPigFarming celebrates all farmers and how they choose to raise their pigs. The most [...] Read more

From Waste To Treasure

Scott Phillips is a pig farmer who, like all farmers, use pig waste for good.

Like other pig farmers in Missouri, Scott Phillips agrees that one of the most positive changes in the industry was when pigs were moved out of [...] Read more

#RealPigFarming – Meet The Legends

Missouri pig farmer Everett Forkner loves pigs. They’ve been part of his life, in fact, since the day he and his wife, Ruby, established TRULINE® Genetics in 1958. Today, Forkner Farms is a 2,000-acre family farm that includes two sons [...] Read more

Women Farmers: An Invaluable Segment


As a sixth generation farm girl, Cristen Clark, who lives in central Iowa, knows that the role of women in pig farming is nothing new. After all, her mother helped raise livestock long before Cristen, herself, became a pig farmer [...] Read more