Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Derrick Sleezer is a pig farmer who also raises row crops and always focuses on caring for the environment.

At our house and farm, reducing our environmental impact is an integral part of our entire farm.

Like many of my fellow real [...] Read more

Animal Care is a 24/7 For Pig Farmers

Caring for animals brings me joy.

It’s hard work, sure, and the pay certainly doesn’t reflect the time and stress that goes into it. But watching our pigs grow and strive and excel is the kind of reward that’s worth a [...] Read more

Pork Quality: It’s Personal

Every day on the job, I’m thinking about the end product: The delicious pork that ends up on your tables and mine. There’s a lot that goes into it, but it’s more than worth it. After all, I’m not just [...] Read more

Caring for Pigs Brings Satisfaction

Derrick Sleezer is a pig farmer from Cherokee, Iowa. An avid golfer, he played for Drake Univeristy alongside the PGA’s Zach Johnson and has coached at the high school and college levels.

Pig farming isn’t easy. It’s not the most lucrative [...] Read more

Giving Back

With a farm to run, a 14-year-old daughter to chase after and responsibilities as newly-elected president of the National Pork Board, there isn’t much time left. But when my schedule allows, it’s important to give back to the community, whether [...] Read more