Animal Care is a 24/7 For Pig Farmers


Caring for animals brings me joy.

It’s hard work, sure, and the pay certainly doesn’t reflect the time and stress that goes into it. But watching our pigs grow and strive and excel is the kind of reward that’s worth a lot more than vacation days or a big bonus.

Every day, I’m driven to make sure our pigs are well taken care of. That they’re comfortable, healthy and set up to succeed. It means walking each barn multiple times per day to check equipment and feed, water and of course pigs. It’s getting out in the -10 weather to make sure their homes are staying in the high 60s (or 80s for piglets). That the air is fresh and circulating properly.

Technology has made us better care givers, but of course with that means more working parts to check. But it’s all worth it to have such warm and cozy pigs in the dead of winter.

I work hard to make sure the environment is as close to perfect as possible, because we know that’s one of the top ways to provide the best animal care. It’s just like with humans — they feel better and do better when the weather is nice and they don’t have cold, hot, wet or windy conditions stressing them out.

When they have their ideal settings that they just flourish and enjoy their environment and grow. They’re very healthy pigs.

And when the pigs are healthy, I’m happy.