Earning Public Trust – We Care

Pig farming has a great story to tell. Decades of progress have resulted in the United States producing a safer, leaner and more nutritious product than ever before. While our practices have advanced and become more efficient over the years, the expectations of customers and consumers also have evolved. Today, companies throughout the food chain are being held to higher standards. They’re called to demonstrate responsible business practices in a wide variety of areas, including animal well-being, sustainable stewardship and food safety.

In 2008, the National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council launched the We CareSM initiative by ratifying a statement of ethical principles that outline the industry values and define how farmers represent the industry every day on farms across America. We Care is a promise to our customers that farmers engage in and actively promote responsible and ethical practices in all areas of farming. Furthermore, it affirms farmers’ commitment to continuously improve industry practices.

We Care logoFarmers understand that trust must be earned, and we are working hard every day to provide assurances that we operate farms responsibly. As we seek new and better ways of producing pork, we are focused on continuously improving and doing the right things for our customers, communities and animals in our care. We know that when people learn the facts about pork production in the United States, they become more confident that we have always been committed to doing the right thing.



Our We Care Principles are a promise to the public to product the best pork ever.