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Our mission is to produce safe, nutritious food in a responsible manner.

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Farmers have led industrywide efforts to achieve tremendous improvements in all areas of pig farming.

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Pig farmers are encouraged to use best farming practices in caring for animals and managing their farms.

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#RealPigFarming Blog

February 4, 2016

Shattering Stereotypes – Women in Pig Farming

Erin Brenneman, who farms with her husband, Tim, near Southeast Iowa, says she enjoys blowing away stereotypes about women in agriculture. “It’s fun,” she insists. “I take can take care of pigs, load market hogs and even run the combine when my husband is busy. I think it’s our God-given right to be proud of […]

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Meet the Real Pig Farmers of America

Meet the Real Pig Farmers of America

You love pork. You love bacon. But where does it come from? Who’s making all the bacon? It comes from America’s pig farms. And the real magic behind it is all the people who make it happen: The Real Pig Farmers of America.

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Responsible Antibiotic Use

October 30, 2015

What Responsible Antibiotic Use Means on a Pig Farm

America's pig farmers work closely with veterinarians to ensure that their pigs stay healthy. However, at times pigs need medical attention, which may require the use of antibiotics to treat illness. Responsible antibiotic use means using only what's necessary for pig health. This sensible approach means doing what's best for food safety, animal well-being and the environment or in other words...People, Pigs and Planet.

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Antibiotic Use on Pig Farms

Responsible Antibiotic Use is Priority No. 1 for Pig Farmers and Veterinarians

I am a mom and a veterinarian. Helping farmers produce safe food has always been a core value of mine. Becoming a mom has only strengthened my belief that as farmers and veterinarians we should do everything in our power to produce safe food. I know healthy pigs lead to safe pork. There is no […]

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